Great future foods
Great for all living beings

  • Eco-friendly & Sustainable

    TissenBioFarm conducts research on eco-friendly and sustainable methods of meat production. By doing so, we tackle crucial social and environmental problems such as climate change, pollution, and food supply imbalances.

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  • Premium & Customized
    Meat Alternatives

    We can replicate and control the texture and marbling of various parts of meat. We can also produce high-quality, customizable cultured meat tailored to consumer preferences and health conditions.

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  • TissenBioFarm

    Based on the tissue engineering technologies used to create living artificial organs for medical use, we develop cultured meat—edible artificial organs of animals.

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  • R&D

    TissenBioFarm’s proprietary technologies include a novel production technique for cultured meat and high-functional edible bio-inks. These technologies enable mass production of premium cultured meat with the texture and marbling of a real steak.

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Our Vision

A tissue engineering-based bio food-tech company
overcoming challenges of the meat market to create value through
the development of eco-friendly and sustainable technologies

Our Works

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