• New Type of Meat

    Meat produced directly
    from cultured animal cells

  • Edible Artificial Organ

    Application of medical artificial organs technologies to make sustainable meat

Cultured meat is a new form of food
that is created by manufacturing
“edible animal tissues and organs.”
TissenBioFarm develops technologies to produce
cultured meat that is delicious as real meat,
inexpensively and abundantly
based on its
expertise in artificial organs for medical use.

Our solution

For both medical artificial organs and
edible artificial organs (cultured meat),
the elements of
“Cell + Scaffold + Signal” are the same;
how these elements are utilized
for final products differ.

  • Cell

  • Scaffold

  • Signal

Using expertise in artificial organs,
TissenBioFarm has developed
an optimal solution for the production of
cultured meat—edible artificial organs

  • Price

  • Various parts
    of meat

  • Mass

  • Texture,

  • Mass production

TissenBioFarm’s Cultured Meat Production Technology